This website is a collection of ideas and practical strategies to ensure that your child learns how to learn and is able to learn independently. (Use the links at the top of this page to learn more about teaching kids to learn and view a video explaining the idea of teaching kids to learn here.)

Here you will find stories about children who have learned how to learn, examples of what this might look like for your child, and resources to help you teach your child to learn, or create a learning center or private school where your child will learn to learn. (Listen to an audio presentation of these ideas and stories by clicking here Рthe discussion of teaching kids to learn begins at about the 10 minute mark.)

You will also find resources to help meet the needs of children with learning delays or challenges in their learning, and practical ways that you can change your child’s learning environment from one that creates dependence on teachers and other authority figures to one that fosters independence, self-direction, self-motivation and integrity of heart, mind and soul for your child. Find a blog recording my own experience with creating a Centre for Independent Learning here.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. So very interested. Is there any way of speaking with you on the telephone and meeting with you? I live in Sutton as well. Thank you so much, kelli

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